[:en]Nunavut Inuit Labour Force Analysis (NILFA)[:]

[:en]The 2018 Nunavut Inuit Labour Force Analysis (NILFA) Report, developed by the Employment and Social Development Canada, provides a “detailed analysis of the labour force of the Nunavut Settlement Area to determine the availability, interest and the level of preparedness of Inuit for government employment”  in accordance with Article 23.3.1 of the Nunavut Agreement.

According to Article 23.3.2, the purpose of the analysis is “to assess the  existing skill level and degree of formal qualification  among the Inuit labour force and to assist in formulating Inuit employment plans and pre-employment training.” Article 23 reflects the  aspirational objective of increasing Inuit participation in government to a representative level.

The report contains over a thousand pages of statistics about the Nunavut population, education, labour force status, training, skills,
government job requirements, vacancies, profile of Inuit government employees, and more. The Executive Summary of the NILFA provides an overview of these findings, and some appendices give data by community.

The NTI NILFA 2018 Highlights present some specific statistics and NILFA findings that Nunavut Tunngavik Incorporated (NTI) wishes to share.[:]